Fancy running a Group in Your Area?

Bringing people together

Any ‘Friend’ of the Link4Growth Association who would like to initiate bringing people together where they are, can do so. 

Over the years (since 2012) Link4Growth has assembled a wealth of experience, tools and infrastructure to ensure that the right support is provided to make the best possible start.

Interesting conversations are already happening in our communities, just opening them up to a wider audience is simple to do, and kickstarting it off with 2 or 3 like minded people, provides the energy, and impetus to make it happen… The enthusiasm is then carried through by providing this fresh ‘community space’ for more to enjoy.

There are lots of really good people out there, many of whom would love to see much stronger communities than we have today… if rebuilding communities could be made simple, easy to do, fun, where we could all participate in some small way that works for us, maybe more would join in?

Through Link4Growth and the members we can help turn that wish into a reality, whilst at the same time making friends with other community focused people and growing ourselves too.

If this feels like ‘a breath of fresh air’, please get in touch and let's see where a conversation takes us!