Getting together... everything starts with a conversation

Getting together

Link4Growth events have no fixed agenda nor any ulterior motive, their purpose is to provide a space where people can come together. Those who come along and talk with other local people about whatever they wish with no pressure to meet the needs or expectations of others. Everyone is welcome to come along and be themselves.

Through community events we are able to meet, talk, listen, learn, connect, share and inspire.

This enables us to engage with those around us in a variety of ways and leads to making new friends, helping or signposting people, learning new skills or even growing a business. Many become more active and involved in what’s happening around them in their local town, city or village making a real difference.

...everything starts with a conversation

Imagine if there were 100 people living in a street. Each and every one of those people could find value in getting to know others in the local community. Perhaps new friendships will begin and flourish or perhaps someone could help you with a problem you have? Most of us already tap into local knowledge online when asking for recommendations or services. This is just face-to-face, in person, near where you live.

At Link4Growth community events, you will find yourself in a friendly environment where you are able to tap into the connections and experience of others. The events can be at any time of the day, some are breakfast or coffee events in the morning, some are evening drinks events. We even have some afternoon teas and Sunday lunch events too!

What can you expect attending a Link4Growth event …

  • Meet : Often the difference between a friend and a stranger is just ‘Hello’ … come along and see how easy that is
  • Talk : No agenda, no script… just people getting to have proper conversations and discussion about everything and anything
  • Listen : The more we know about each other the more ways we find we can help
  • Learn : Through conversation we pick up so many gems of knowledge from other people’s passions and expertise
  • Connect : As we get to know each other we are introduced into a whole new series of networks and groups
  • Share : Often people can benefit from our lifetime of experience, give without expecting return, be kind
  • Inspire : As we share our stories and how we have overcome obstacles others are inspired to do the same

When we begin talking with others we find that we are not alone and that there are hundreds and thousands of people going through the same challenges… moreover there are people in the community willing to help… but only if we know each other.

Members are currently offering the following to provide the above...

The members of Link4Growth over the years have developed different ways to get together. The possibilities are endless however. Those shown below work at various times of the day, and also on most days of the week. 

These have been labelled :-

  • Link4Coffee (often mornings)
  • Link4Help (working lunch)
  • Link4Breakfast (morning)
  • Link4Tea (afternoon meetings)
  • Link4Drinks (relaxed evening event)

As Link4Growth is a distributed association, local hosts organise, and deliver, when it works for them, so times / days often vary from those suggested (in brackets). Some even run on weekends. Flexibility is the key.

You can find out what is happening in your area over here

Some of the questions we are often asked about our events

We have many events running across the country and they are all monthly or 4 weekly.

It varies, however most regular attendees would agree that it doesn’t matter how many are at the event as Link4Growth are all about conversations and really getting to know people. We achieve this by having good conversations.

That is great, because often people collaborate and work together in Link4Growth. It’s about everyone helping each other. There are more than enough opportunities for everyone to be successful.

Most gatherings last for 90 minutes however people often enjoy themselves so much they stay around much longer. There is no structure to Link4Growth events, they are open networking, drop in sessions, come for as little or as long as you like. There are no elevated sales pitches, no 60 second slots, no requirement to be a business owner

There is no obligation at all for people attending our events to become Link4Growth ‘members’ however a lot of people all contributing just a small amount allows us to expand into other areas. Link4Growth membership costs just £3 per month. You can find out more on the Link4Growth Association website.

Do we have events yet near you?