Could you host a regular online event?

Link4Community - online events

More than ever these days we are using technology to stay connected. But as we have discovered, it is a great way to also meet new people, expand our thinking and to grow communities.

These communities can be geographically located, but also spatially distributed, as technology dissolves the barriers of distance.

Historically the communities have been local people coming together, and we can still do that, both offline (physical meetings) and online as well. But going forward there is huge potential to grow communities in a variety of different ways, addressing the multi faceted needs we have spanning ages, races and cultures.

We have an amazing opportunity to co-create exactly what we need these days, all we need are catalysts… catalysts who want to initiate having conversations and seeing where that leads. 

All of the events which carry the Link4Community (Link4Growth) name are operated in alignment with the 7 Principles of Link4Growth, the values, and also the behavioral guidelines which ensure that we provide a safe space where people can share their views without judgement.

If you would like to discuss how you could be a catalyst and initiate an online event with Link4Community (Link4Growth) then please get in touch.