Community Networking with Link4Growth

Finding out more...


If you are looking at this page, chances are you have picked up one of our two-sided leaflets and are curious to 'find out more'.

There are three websites, each performs a different function, and we signpost people to the most relevant depending on what they are seeking. 

This landing page on the Link4Community website is where we can link to our free community networking events such as Link4Coffee and Link4Drinks. 

These events take place when Link4Growth members organise and host events in their local community. 

Each of our websites link back to each other at the bottom of every website page to facilitate traversing between the sites.

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Our Organisation

Did you know that Link4Community events are an element of a member-owned not for profit organisation?

Find out more on our Link4Growth Association website

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Become a member

Our members consist of community members (Friends of Link4Growth) and our Link4Business members. 

Link4Growth membership is just £3 a month

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More structured events

Business owners can benefit from more structured events but still align themselves to the ethics and principles of Link4Growth. 

Link4Business membership is £12 a month

Links to Eventbrite

Jump straight to our Eventbrite accounts where events are taking place.

I wanted to get back out and meet people after having been couped up for quite a while recovering from surgery. I went to a Link4Coffee event and found it very comfortable to just talk to new faces and make new friends in a relaxed ‘no pressure’ welcoming environment - Tom G

Our Link4Community events are free to attend and there is no requirement or pressure to become a member - that is entirely optional. 

The community events are relaxed and informal. There is no need to adhere to the start or finish times, and people often continue chatting long after the published end time. Attendees can order any food or drink from the venue and often circulate about the space too depending on the type of venue and capacity.

For many, the term 'community networking' can seem off putting, however we are all a part of multiple communities and we all naturally 'network'. We’ve all asked a friend if they could recommend someone to clean a carpet or suggest a good restaurant. These are simple examples of digging into your own personal network. We all know many more people than we think!

Communities are made of much more than Business, although business owners have specific needs when networking, catered for by our very own 'Business Networking' called Link4Business. Many of our Link4Business members additionally enjoy attending our community events as it is an opportunity to have different conversations without their 'business hats' on.

There is no commitment to attend and each event is a standalone event. Come along when it's convenient for you whenever you wish. Although friendships do tend to develop as people get to know you, so do bear that in mind. Do book in via Eventbrite though as there is limited capacity at many of our venues, and if something goes wrong at the venue for any reason then we can contact you.

Before attending Link4Growth I was nervous about attending events like this and meeting new people, but it’s such a comfortable, inviting atmosphere with members who are happy to talk as well as listen to you. I’ve met people who have been so kind and have interesting stories to share. It’s also a great place to start if you’re thinking about attending Link4Business and would rather meet a few members first in a very informal relaxed environment - Rebecca G